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Testimonials for Attorney David Pasti Serving MD, DC, & VA Clients

“After getting arrested for DWI, I asked a friend if she knew a good lawyer. She referred me to Dave Pasti. I was so grateful after contacting him with how helpful and reasonable is services are. He helped me with all my questions and was willing to communicate via email since privacy issues at work didn’t allow me to talk to him on the phone. When it was time to go to court, he knew how nervous I was and did everything to make the process as painless as possible. Thanks to Mr. Pasti and his representation, my fees were minimal and my punishment with the MVA and the state were very reasonable. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs a lawyer.”

– R.P.

“David did a fantastic job with my daughter and me in explaining our case to us and the many options available to us within the laws of the State of Maryland. The results of his representation and working with us every step of the way provided positive results. He is a great teacher of the facts and a very positive mentor in stressful situations. Obviously, I highly recommend David as a trustworthy professional.”

– D.B.

“If you are seeking a good lawyer, seek no further. I recommend that you seek legal counsel and assistance from Dave Pasti, Attorney at Law. Attorney Pasti has represented my family members in the District and Circuit Court of Law for well over 19 years. Pasti represents in criminal experience that will ensure you with trust, love, care, dedication, and concern if retained. He will avail himself to service your needs and when you seek him for help in areas outside of his jurisdiction…he will stand beside you to ensure that your matters are appropriately dealt with according to the Law. Attorney Pasti’s assistance also introduces to his clients in spiritual warmth and concern to appropriately direct you for better ways and choices in life…”

– B.P.

“David Pasti represented me in a DUI case where the officer pulled me over after leaving a house-warming event and gave me a Breathalyzer. I was arrested and was facing criminal charges and the risk of losing my job, which I had held over twenty years. Mr. Pasti listened to what I said had occurred on the roadside and informed me that he did not believe there was sufficient probable cause for the officer to pull me over. The DA disagreed and we had a hearing in court with the officer on the stand. After the hearing, the judge agreed with Mr. Pasti and dismissed the case. I am very happy I worked with David Pasti.”

– K.H.

“We used David to draw up our wills, which required some out of the ordinary approaches. He did an excellent job helping usher us through the process, provided an excellent product, and still charged us the standard rate.”

– K.G.

“I have employed David’s services many times over the years from estates and wills to various business contracts. He is responsive, detail oriented, and runs his practice with great integrity. He knows the right questions to ask to make sure your concerns are addressed. I trust him to do an on-time and thorough job at a reasonable cost every time.”

– C.P.

“David was able to assist us with legal service in the utmost confidence, integrity and personal approach. I strongly recommend his legal services.”

– Z.K.

“Dave Pasti has been our family lawyer for about 30 years since my children were very young. During this time we have relied on him for help with a number of issues, including juvenile offenses and educational advocacy issues. He is an excellent lawyer and has a calm, reassuring manner that really helps in a crisis. We have never been disappointed by the outcome of a situation in which he has helped us. Dave is a personable and skilled negotiator, as well as an able lawyer, so he has helped us resolve several issues without even resorting to the courts. Above all, Dave is a man of great integrity.”

– J.W.

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